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At Thirteen48 we believe that micro experiences make for truly unique and memorable moments.  Whether we're designing and styling an event or teaching craft workshops we're always focused on creating a one-of-a-kind experience.


Jess and Summer met in a corporate setting where they were responsible for planning and executing executive experiences. Although motivated by the fast-paced nature of a corporate setting they felt a desire to chase after their creative passions. Knowing that  her sister-in-law Pilar an engineer felt the same Jess arranged a meeting and Thirteen48 was born.


At the core we believe that intimate events create beautiful personalized experiences and are passionate about championing this platform to create memorable experiences for their clients.



Three years ago, I was a IT business consultant who was crumbling under the pressures of leading a life of should be’s. I was two people, a go getter that was climbing the corporate ladder, that had worked hard for my promotions but wasn’t fulfilled. On the other hand I was a free spirited creative, looking to be part of something that made a difference. And then I got sick...

I started one of the most difficult seasons in my life - I ended up in hospital 5 times in 6 months, one of those being a near heart attack at 34. Over 1 year I couldn’t walk without gasping for air, I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t be me. Lying in bed I had time to think about all the shoulda, coulda woulda’s and I was kicking myself for not pursing my dreams and goals. After a 2 year medical journey, I was eventually stabilized and I started to focus on turning my dreams into actions.

Anyone that knows me knows that I am EXTREMELY passionate about gender equality and community. I knew that I needed help to bring a business to life and immediately contacted Summer and my sister-in-law Pilar who are both passionate about these areas too.



I've always been passionate about design, learning new things, and sharing knowledge with others.  Showing someone how to do something they didn't think they could do and seeing the joy of their success is what I live for.  That same curiousity, creativity and joy of success is what makes me passionate about bringing a clients vision to life when desiging a unique experience for their intimate event.  

My journey started right out of high school when I originally went to school for interior design with a goal of being an event designer.  When life took a left turn, I took a small detour through a career of product design and executive experience design before connecting with Jess and creating Thirteen48.  

Here I'm able to bring together all of the things I'm most passionate about, teaching through craft workshops, micro-event design, and female empowerment.  I'm so lucky to have found two other amazing women that are as passionate and driven as I am.  


I graduated with an engineering degree almost a decade ago and I’ve been mentoring students ever since. As a minority female in engineering it’s always been apparent that I don’t look like the rest of the room.

On my first day as a mentor, a female student raised her hand and said “I didn’t know I could study engineering.” Honestly it took me by surprise and I responded with the only thing I could think of which was “I am what an engineer looks like.” Immediately several other faces in the room lit up. In that moment I realized I was in the right place. STEM programs especially focused on young girls are so important because they create impactful opportunities in technical fields. Not only does STEM education teach technical skills, it also fosters other life skills, such as creative problem solving, logic, and resilience.


Not only is Thirteen48 about creating unique, intimate experiences, it's also about supporting female entrepreneurs. The future is female!  - Pilar



Built in 1902, Thirteen48 was originally located across the street from where it sits today. Built by Rev. Benjamin A. Rogers, who held the first non-denominational religious services in the Houston Heights in 1895 at the old hotel on 19th Street. The house was saved from being torn down by Houston businessman Ross Dinyari who purchased and moved the home in December 1990 before beginning some much-needed restoration.


While moving a historic building would typically disqualify it from the National Register of Historic Places, because this move was required for conservation and is considered an architecturally significant building for the Houston Heights it held on to its qualification.

The beautiful colonial revival style property proudly showcases original hardwood floors and stained glass windows highlighting it’s history while still feeling fresh, bright and modern.



Our team purchased Thirteen48 Heights in September of 2019.  After three months of renovations, focused on taking the historic charm that already shinned and adding a light modern flair, we soft-opened right before Covid hit. 


Obviously that required our team to pause and re-calibrate our plans.  However, as a micro location, we quickly found that we had a lot to offer the community in a time where everyone needed to be size consious.  Working with creatives and communitiy members and keeping safety top of mind, we provided a place for groups of under 15 to safely gather and celebrate their important moments.  



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Thirteen48 is a beautiful 1902 vintage modern home located in Houston's historic Heights district.  Considered historically significant, the location boasts original hardwood floors, stained glass windows and more.  While paying homage to its original design, the white interior, large natural light windows and modern + boho accents provide a unique design that's great for photography and small intimate gatherings.  

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