Bringing Together Arts + Community

As makers ourselves we love having an opportunity to share the crafts that we are passionate about with others.

Meet Jessica!

Jess is all about the fabrics and the softer side of things. "When I was in school and learning to sew I never thought I would ever actually use it!" - Jess

But a couple years ago she feel in love with embroidery with a modern flair! Embroidered hoops, hats, furniture reupholstery, and macrame - she does it all!

Meet Summer!

Summer is the opposite, she likes to work with wood and leather for a deeper and more rustic look and feel.

"I love learning new techniques, when I come across a design challenge I like being able to combine different techiques and materials to solve things in new ways." -Summer


One of our favorite things to do is watch others get excited about the things we're passionate about. Being able to host workshops is always so much fun! We love seeing people struggle at the beginning but at the end walk away with something they're proud of.

We currently host workshops for embroidery, floral design, and candle making! And we have more coming soon.

Example Workshops we Offer:

  • Modern Embroidery: Hoops

  • Modern Embroidery: Felt Hats

  • Modern Embroidery: Brooches

  • Modern Wreath Design

  • Floral Arrangement Design

  • Candle Making

We also love working with other creatives and designers who are looking to host their own workshops. We believe that art should be shared and that everyone is an artist waiting for an opportunity to shine!

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