Romance for Two

When we think about unique, intimate experiences, how can you not think Valentines! With Covid, many people didn't want to go out and brave the crowds and I think we're probably all sick of being at home. So our team partnered with Savoir to create a Romantic Dinner for Two Experience.

We crafted a specialty menu for both brunch and dinner options. We also designed unique photo backdrops and designed a beautiful and intimate space where couples could spend individual quality time together while enjoying an amazing meal and walking aways with a photo memory.

The final product was breathtaking and unique.

Brunch & Dinner

Our 3-course brunch menu consisted of:

  • Mimosas

  • Croissant & Jam, Tomator & Burrata, Cheese & Meat Board

  • Choice of Butcher's Cut & Egg or Brisket 'Hash'

  • Dessert Trio including: Cinnamon Sugar Cronut, Paris Eclair, and a Chocolate Tart

Our 3-course dinner menu consisted of:

  • Cauliflower, Tomator & Burrata, and Grilled Carrots

  • Choice of Blackened Gnoocchi or Short Rib

  • Dessert Trio including: Cinnamon Sugar Cronut, Paris Eclair, and a Chocolate Tart


To remember the special day we set up two styled photo areas. One, a classic 'Valentine Day in Paris' vibe and another more 'Classical Romantic' vibe.

Our team loves designing these special experiences. How might we help you design something unique for the special person in your life?

Vendor Collaboration:

Venue: Thirteen48

Styling: Thirteen48

Photography: Thirteen48

Catering: Savoir

WOW! Thank you SO MUCH! I don't have words to express thanks or appreciation for what you created for us this Valentine's Day. It was the best Valentine's day I've ever had. Every element of the day was just perfect and a truly unique experience. -Myra & Ricky

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