Tell me a Story of Africa - A Covid Safe Baby Shower Experience

Thinking small and safe didn't stop a local Houston style blogger from going big for her first baby. Ashley knew that she didn't want to miss out on celebrating this special and one-time-only moment but also wanted to ensure she keep baby boy and herself safe!

To accomplish this, Ashley worked with our team to design a beautiful and socially distanced experience. Having many friends and family that she wanted to share this moment with, she scheduled small groups across one hour intervals to ensure we never had more than 15 people on site at once. Our team supported by reminding guests when it was time to grab their gifts and say their goodbyes and taking temperature readings of all arriving guests. To keep Mom and Baby extra safe, we designed a special "Lioness Den" outside on the front porch where Ashley was able to welcome and talk with guests safely. Of course masks were a must have and there were even custom designed animal mask to take as a gift before walking in.

Ashley Nicole Style

The Design

After our consultation with Ashley we knew that while she wanted a safari theme to come through, she also wanted something authentic, unique and didn't scream "It's a Boy!". We created two concept designs for her to choose from each taking some of the key colors that Ashley highlighted with a safari flare.

Concept 1 - Tell me a Story of Africa

Our first concept took applied the safari theme as a storybook brought to life and leveraged books with soft artistic animal print designs.

Concept 2 - Oh Baby, Baby Animals

Our second concept focused more on an "Oh Baby" theme and punctuated that with small baby animals across the design.

After presenting each concept, Ashley loved them both so much she asked us to see how we might incorporate both concepts into one!

The Experience

To bring Ashley's vision to life, we originally planned an outdoor experience to minimize risk. However, we missed notifying the weather of our plans and had to make the decision to move indoors the night before and we were still able to still leverage our guest experience flows and create individual moments to surprise and delight.

Our team created custom signage that could be leveraged not only for the shower but also in the baby's room as decor elements. We also created custom backdrops, provided floral design, and caligraphy.

The Day

Guests arrived to a large front porch display that you absolutely couldn't miss! Walking up they had the opportunity to say hello to the happy couple while getting their temperature checked, hands sanitized, and picking up their own custom designed animal mask.

Next our team welcomed them to drop off gifts, books, and diapers at the gifts station before making their way through the "Wilds" (a beautiful Insta-photo location) and to the "Watering Hole" where we had champagne, charcuterie, and sweets.

Each guest group had an opportunity to enjoy the company of friends, family and our parents-to-be for an hour before they picked up a thank you gift and the next round of guests arrived.

The overall experience was an immersive and magical story that will be remembered for years to come.

Vendor Collaboration:

Venue: Thirteen48

Experience & Styling: Thirteen48

Florals: Thirteen48

Custom Woodworking: Thirteen48

Photography: Jessica Frey Photography

Cakes: Pretty Baked

Charcuterie: BITES

Cupcakes & Cookies: Dessert Gallery

Marquee Letters: Alpha-Lit Houston

"Wow - [the shower] was great and everyone's been saying how much they loved your space. Thank you for everything." -Ashley

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