What is a Micro Wedding?

Micro weddings usually consist of 30 or fewer guests and were already gaining popularity prior to Covid as they allow for a more meaningful and intimate experience and allow for a more impactful use of budget.

However since Covid, they've become a requirement for many people who do not want to wait to get married but still want to have a wedding.

Why Thirteen48?

One of our owner's, Jess, actually wanted to have a micro wedding in Houston when she went to get married two years ago but after looking at available locations realized nothing in Houston really fit her vision.

"There are a lot of larger and upscale venues in Houston that work great for 100+ people but there weren't any that catered to groups of under 30 that had the type of unique style that I was looking for." - Jess

Our team founded Thirteen48 not only to fill this gap we found in the local Houston market for micro wedding venues, but also to provide a place for other women entreprenuers like ourselves that were looking for a place where they could share their own passions and meet other like minded individuals. We wanted a community location where people can come together for meetings, workshops, showers, and small gatherings.

When you walk in, it just makes you happy. The light...the style...everything about Thirteen48 is welcoming and comfortable. Honestly it makes me smile every time I walk in the door. - Pilar

What we do is a different approach. We don't want to do large events, we want to create meaningful experiences. We want to partner not only with other amazing women that have small business but also become trusted partners and friends with the people that come to us and trust us with some of the most important moments of their lives.

We're not about the big, we're about the small details and the individual people. - Summer

From Left: Jess, Summer, Pilar

Thirteen48 is a micro events venue located in Houston Heights.  Our team is passionate about providing unique, intimate experiences and are here to support you in planning, designing or simply hosting your next event.


​​Learn more about us at www.Thirteen48.com

​​or follow us on social media @Thirteen48Heights

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